There are three aid stations per 20.5 mile loop spaced 4-6 miles apart.  Runners will pass the Crossroads Aid Station twice per loop and Kelly's Kitchen and the Start/Finish Aid Station once per loop.  All aid stations will be stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, soda, and a wide variety of food.   

start/finish aid station

Runners will come to the Start/Finish Aid station after completing 20.5 mile loop.  This is the race's main point for crew access and will have drop bags available at this location.  We will make sure to have a variety of warm and cold food cooking and hope that the smell of the grill gives you the extra incentive you need to finish off your lap strong.  This aid station is located at Wood Run Trailhead located off of HWY 24/27 approximately 9 miles west of Troy, NC.  GPS Coordinates of 35.310293, -80.043726.



Crossroads Aid Stations sits in the middle of the figure eight loop that forms the course and is run by Aid Station Captain Vinny Swendsen.  Runners will come to this aid station at mile 6 and mile 15 and can expect some incredible gourmet home cooked food prepared by Vinny and his talented crew of volunteers.  Vinny sure can do amazing things with a camp stove, panini maker and waffle iron.  Just don't get too comfortable in this oasis nestled squarely in the middle of the course.  There is no crew access at this location but drop bags will be available here.

kelly's kitchen

Kelly's Kitchen Aid Station sits at the northern tip of the course on Uwharrie Trail, just south of Dusty Level Road and manned by Kelly McCall, her trusty dog Murphy and a pretty awesome group of volunteers.  This aid station sits at mile 11.7 and comes right after runners complete the most challenging portion of the course.  Kelly, Murphy and her Crew know just what to do to get runners cared for, fed, hydrated and back on the trail after such a difficult portion of the course.  Crew access is available here and drop bags will also be available here.  The location of this aid station on Google Maps can be found here.