URE Marathon

Come join us on March 9, 2019 at 8:00am to kick off our 2019 training runs for Uwharrie 100 with a free, FA style marathon!  If you are looking for a race with loads of swag to justify your cool accomplishments, this probably isn't your race.  However, if you are looking for a race over some gnarly trails with some good people, this might just be what you are looking for.


Location/Start time


The race starts at 8:00am on Saturday, March 10, 2017 at the Wood Run Trail Head located off of HWY 24/27 west of Troy. Packet pickup will begin at 6:00am.

GPS Coordinates:  35.310293, - 80.043726

Parking is limited at the start/finish so we highly encourage runners to car pool if at all possible.

There will be a limited amount of portable toilets at the Start/Finish.  Runners can access these before the start, at the mile 5.7 aid station and at the finish.  There are no other bathrooms on the course.  Please plan accordingly.

*** Packet pickup begins at 6:00am and there will be a short race briefing starting at 7:45am ***

*** Race has a 10 hour Cutoff (6:00pm) ***

Race details

Map of the trail portion of URE Marathon.

Map of the trail portion of URE Marathon.

The course is 26.2 miles and consists of 5.7 miles of gravel road and 20.5 miles of technical single track trails.  Manned aid stations are located at mile 5.7, 11.7, 17.4, 21.15 and 26.2.

The race begins with runners heading north on Wood Run road towards (and past) Wood Run Hunt Camp.  Runners continue to head north on this gravel road for 2.85 miles until they hit the manned turn around point and then head back to the start where they will come to their first aid station at mile 5.7.

Runners then begin the trail portion of the race by entering onto Dutchman's Creek Trail (Yellow Trail Blazes) and follow that north for 11.2 miles until it dead ends into Uwharrie Trail (White Trail Blazes).  Runners then head north on Uwharrie Trail until they hit the aid station at mile 17.4 (Kelly's Kitchen) before they turn around and head back south on Uwharrie Trail for 8.8 miles until they are finished and back at Wood Run Trail Head.

*** WARNING ***

The trail portion of this course is extremely challenging and is in a remote area.  It is filled with roots and rocks and there is little to no flat ground.  There are several stream crossings throughout the course.  Some can be rock hopped but if the stream levels are high, you could be running with wet feet a decent amount of time.  The bottomline is that you need to be prepared for a difficult race!

Course has 4,206 ft of Elevation Gain with a similar amount of Descent.

Course has 4,206 ft of Elevation Gain with a similar amount of Descent.

Crew and spectators

Crew and spectators can see their runners at two locations on the course.  These include at the Start/Finish Aid Station and at Kelly's Kitchen.

Runners pass by the Start/Finish Aid Station at mile 0, 5.7 and mile 26.2.  The Start/Finish is located off of HWY 24/27.  A Google Maps link to this location can be found here.

Runners pass by Kelly's Kitchen at mile 17.4.  Kelly's Kitchen is located off of Dusty Level Road just west of Yates Place Camp.  A Google Maps link to this location can be found here.




Registration for URE Marathon is now closed.

There are no fees associated with registering, however, to help offset the cost of putting this race on, we request that you bring some sort of aid station food or beverage.  Some suggestions include fruit, canned potatoes, chips, cookies, candy, soda, and most importantly homemade baked goods :)  Once the race starts, we'll evenly disperse the donated items to our various aid stations.



This race would not be possible if not for the awesome help from volunteers!  If you are not running and still want to be part of the race, think about volunteering.  Not only will you be doing an awesome deed, you'll also be able to draw some inspiration watching the runners push themselves to their limits and know that you played a large part in their finish. Volunteer Signup is now available here.