The Uwharrie 100 Mile Trail Run is held on a 20.5 mile single track course in the Uwharrie National Forest which runners will complete five times.  Runners participating in the 100K event will complete three 20.5 mile loops.


Course description

The best word to describe the course is UNRELENTING.  There are several other 100's on the East Coast that have more challenging sections than Uwharrie 100 or with more elevation gain, we do not dispute that.  With that being said, you would be hard pressed to find another East Coast 100 that is as consistently hard throughout the entire course as Uwharrie 100.  Runners will have to be mentally alert the entire race to maneuver their way through the single track trails filled with rocks, roots and other surprises.  There are three large climbs on the course (Mile 7.4, 8.4, and 16 of the single track loop).  These climbs may seem tame your first few laps but we promise you that by the end of the race you will understand why they have earned names such as "The Soul Crusher" or "Hallucination Hill".  The rest of the course is very rolling with little to no flat ground.

Uwharrie 100 Mile and 100K Trail Run Course Map.  Aid Stations are marked with red flags.  The race begins at the 24/27 Trailhead at the southern portion of the course.

Elevation gain

Each lap has 3,484 feet of elevation gain and 3,484 elevation loss giving 100 milers a total of 17,420 feet of elevation gain and a total of 34,840 feet of elevation change.  100K runners will have a total of 10,452 feet elevation gain and 20,904 feet of elevation change.  


Runners can expect to encounter several sections of trail full of boulders, rocks and roots.  The video below shows one of our runners navigating up a portion of Sasquatch Summit which runners will climb at mile 7.4.